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Solution Areas

Aircraft Manufacturing & Aftermarket Support

Complex Engineering processes, long product development processes and a highly sophisticated supply chain are some of the challenges of this solution area.

justaero Aircraft Manufacturing & Aftermarket Support

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

High reliability requirements, the improvement of information exchange between Airlines and MROs and high cost-pressure are some of the challenges in this solution area.

justaero Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Airline and Airport Operations

Constant growth of Air-Traffic volume, the pressure to use existing resources more effectively and outdated IT-support systems are some of the challenges in this solution area.

justaero Airline and Airport Operations

Solution Demonstrators

Aircraft Predictive Maintenance Solution Demonstrator

This solution demonstrator is based on ServiceNow CMDB, CSM, Field Services and uses the Agent Intelligence (Machine Learning) capabilities of the platform.
Predictive Maintenance for Aircraft reduces unscheduled downtime and saves money in day-to-day operations. Prediction of possible problems, identification of anomalies, decision support and the dispatch of Service Technicians and spare parts are included in this solution.

just aero Aircraft Predictive Maintenance Solution Demonstrator Airline Operations Solution Demonstrator

Airline Operations Solution Demonstrator

This solution demonstrator is based on the ServiceNow CSM and Field Services Modules. So far the management of fueling processes, the dispatch of fuel-trucks and properly licensed personnel, as well as, aircraft weight and balance and economic considerations are included in this solution. The solution will be extended to a full Airline Operations solutions in the near future.

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End-to-End Service Provider

Business Consulting

Requirements Analysis, Process Consulting, Strategic Roadmap Planning

ServiceNow Implementation

Design and implementation of ServiceNow-based solutions for the Aviation & Aerospace Industries

ServiceNow Training

Creation and execution of ServiceNow training programs

Support & Operations

Support and Operations of your ServiceNow solutions

Why justaero?

  • Skill Combination.  We offer a combination of expert-level ServiceNow skills and in-depth industry knowledge to support you in the creation and implementation of business solutions and apps.
  • Solution Experience. More than 12 years of experience in implementing PPM and Customer Service management solutions in 180+ successful projects.
  • Industry Expertise. More than 20 years of experience and process knowledge up to executive level in the Aviation and Aerospace industry.
  • Motivation and Dedication. Justaero is an enthusiastic and dedicated consulting, implementation and technology partner of ServiceNow. We help our customers to benefit from the almost limitless capabilities of ServiceNow.

Why ServiceNow?


In 2018 Forbes voted ServiceNow to be the most innovative company on the planet.


One platform, one user interface. With great functionality, performance and security and an unparalleled user experience.


ServiceNow enables customers to implement business solutions faster. The creation of the necessary “Connective Tissue” between the standard modules is enabled by ServiceNow’s “Low-Code” development environment. Less time, less effort. Superior performance.

Long Term

ServiceNow is already in use in over 60% of the Fortune 2000 companies and will remain to be a leader in Enterprise Cloud Applications for many years to come.

ServiceNow in Aviation & Aerospace 


Qantas Airways flies to over 80 destinations and employs 38,000 people worldwide. Qantas Service Integration & Management team share their successes with automation to serve every Qantas employee and achieve the team vision for employee delight and operational stability. Find more info here

Bristow Helicopters

Bristow Group, a worldwide industrial aviation service provider has expanded the benefits of a service management framework well outside of IT into operations and their other business functions. Find more info here.

GE Predix

GE has brought its broad industry experience into a comprehensive industrial Internet of Things platform. GE Predix is partially based on the ServiceNow Platform, as well as, the CSM and the ITSM Module. It provides services and applications for GEs products including some of GE’s market-leading Aerospace products. Based on collected data predictions can be made to improve maintenance processes and reduce unscheduled downtime.

ServiceNow Modules

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We bring ServiceNow to the Aviation & Aerospace Industry


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