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ServiceNow Platform

ServiceNow offers a homogeneous cloud-platform and several different standard-business modules. These functional rich and mature modules - i.e IT Service Management, HR Management, IT Business Management or Customer Service Management - cover many business areas.
Next to the standard business modules Servicenow offers “Low-Code-Development” capabilities within the platform. The ServiceNow development environment enables the creation of apps and business solutions faster and with less effort compared to traditional solutions. As a Low Code Development Platform ServiceNow enables fast and flexible adaptation of IT-Solutions to ever-changing business processes with considerably less effort compared to traditional solutions.
Custom-developed business solutions can be used where standard modules don’t fit or have to be extended. These business solutions can be stand-alone or be something like a “Connective Tissue” between the standard Servicenow modules. With this approach the creation of comprehensive and unified solutions within and across all business areas can be managed. 
Many Aviation and Aerospace companies are running on a historically grown “messy” application stack. The integration of Legacy Software with ServiceNow can be performed with comparatively low effort. Legacy-Solutions often don’t have to be replaced: ServiceNow can be used as a System of Action layer which runs on top and across existing solutions. This reduces the risk of costly and risky migrations but the users can nevertheless work in a highly modern, productive and user-friendly environment.
The ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud distinguishes itself from the competition with a very powerful multi-instance architecture and industry-leading availability, redundancy and performance. A very high-level of Security to protect sensitive data and to ensure compliance across all industries and geographical areas are also part of Servicenow’s offering.
ServiceNow can be used by globally operating enterprises as well as smaller companies. The use of 16 data centers in 8 regions guarantee that all security requirements of customers worldwide are met. ServiceNow runs two data centers in German (Frankfurt, Düsseldorf). Further information about the ServiceNow Enterprise cloud can be found Sie here.

ServiceNow IT Business Management

The ServiceNow ITBM Module offers mature functionality for Ideation Management, Demand Management, Resource Management, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Project Controlling, Agile Project Management (Scrum) and other areas.
Aviation & Aerospace companies often work in projects or project-like environments. Often Stage-Gate processes are used to assure compliance and quality and these processes can be easily supported. Even the complete product development process of Aerospace products can be supported.
The ServiceNow ITBM module can be used to better plan any projects, program or similar activities, optimize the utilization of precious resources and to achieve complete financial transparency. Aviation & Aerospace Services organization can use the ITBM module as a PSA (Professional Service Automation) solution to manage their workforce and their services.
You can find further Information about the ServiceNow ITBM module here.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Aviation & Aerospace After Sales processes are extremely complex and require collaboration of many stakeholders to make good decisions. Effective and efficient Airline Operations are key for a reliable performance, safety and good financial results of any Airline. Airports are very complex environments which require modern tools for the support of a real-time management.
The ServiceNow Customer Service Management module offers rich and mature functionality to help with all of these challenges: Multi-Channel Incident and Problem Management, Self-Service Portal for customers, Visibility and Management of SLAs, Customer Incident Management, Measuring of KPIs like Resolution time, Customer Satisfaction etc., Contract Performance Management, Field Service Management based on skills, location and availability Management, Management of stock-parts and automatic creation of work orders, Support of mobile devices with offline capability.
You can find further Information about the ServiceNow CSM module here.

ServiceNow Field Service Management

The ServiceNow Field Service Management Solution is part of the Customer Service Management Solution. It enables the dispatch of Field Service technicians, the creation of work orders, the management of local spare part stocks resp. the management of in-time shipment of parts. It includes a comprehensive (native) app for IoS and Android devices.

Management of certifications of technicians, Checklists for repairs or Aircraft checks, the reading of Bar-Codes, geo-location and the connection to external sensors (i.e. RFID, Near Field etc.) are also possible.

ServiceNow Business Apps & Solutions

The ServiceNow platform offers “Low-Code-Development” capabilities which enable the rapid creation of business solutions.
These approach saves time and money and makes the process of adapting the IT-solution to changing business processes easier and more effective.
Aviation & Aerospace companies can use these capabilities to create business apps which are very specific for their needs. These Apps can close existing gaps and be the “Connective Tissue” between ServiceNow Modules, legacy application stack and the ever changing business requirements.

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